Man tries to escape prison dressed as a woman on Mother’s Day

By May 14, 2018

An escape plan befitting of Mother’s Day almost worked for one Peruvian inmate.

The incarcerated man, Arturo Montoya, tried to escape from prison on Sunday dressed as a woman but was discovered at the final door.

RPP News reported that Montoya tried to take advantage of the large amount of female visitors during the holiday to the Quencoro prison in Cusco by attempting to leave in disguise.

Cooperativa reported that an hour before his attempted escape, Montoya entered the textile workshop and dressed in a skirt, false breasts, glasses and a wig, even putting on lipstick as a finishing touch. He then tried to pass unnoticed among the crowds of visitors leaving when the visiting times were up.

He was discovered at the last door, as he didn’t have a guest stamp, and the Minister of Justice was reported in Cooperativa as saying that he was “visibly nervous.” They then checked all the prisoners were in their cells and discovered that Montoya was missing.

Montoya had been in pretrial detention for drug trafficking, but after this incident, authorities said he will be transferred to a high-security prison.

The escape plan is extremely similar to that of Dwight Worker, a U.S. man who escaped from a Mexican prison in the 1970s while dressed up as a woman from clothes that his then-girlfriend was smuggling in for him. Worker’s successful prison escape was later chronicled on the National Geographic series “Locked Up Abroad.”