Viva Air Labs introduces competition to support the aviation industry in Latin America

By April 8, 2020

This week the airline Viva Air, through its Viva Air Labs innovation lab, announced a competition for the innovation community to develop ideas that encourage travelers to fly again. The winning idea will receive a $10,000 USD prize.

With the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Viva Air Labs is looking to find ideas to mitigate the virus propagation, while at the same time incentivizing individuals to return to travel. Viva Air operates flights to more than 25 destinations in Colombia, Peru, and the United States.

Viva Air Labs Founder Clyde Hutchinson

Said Clyde Hutchinson, Founder of Viva Air Labs, “At Viva Air Labs, we have always had a policy of openness, where every idea counts and is valued. Furthermore, we are committed to innovation and the development of strategies that benefit both travelers and the industry in general.”

“We want to continue developing initiatives that challenge entrepreneurs, enterprises, and other members of the ecosystem, and bring benefits to the aviation sector, and to tourism. That’s why we have launched a challenge to all sources of ideas to bring our passengers the liberty of travel.”

Peru has imposed tough measures to control the spread of COVID-19, although there have been a significant number of arrests for individuals breaking the quarantine. The country has recorded 1,414 confirmed cases with 55 deaths.

This past week, amid a strict quarantine in the country, President Martin Vizcarra said that men and women will only be allowed to leave their homes on designated days divided by gender.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only men will be able to leave their homes to stock up. Women can go out on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Nobody will be allowed to leave home on Sunday.

Viva Air is the only airline in Latin America with an innovation laboratory dedicated to finding new solutions for the aviation industry. The laboratory permits entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and students to participate and share innovative ideas that benefit the industry across several fronts: Passenger experience, new payment methods, data analytics, innovative content generation adapted to the tastes and interests of the passengers among others.

The contest is ongoing until April 16th. Proposals can be sent by video or in writing to