Bill Clinton meets with Peru’s president and Lima mayor

By November 11, 2015

Former United States President Bill Clinton met with Peru’s President Ollanta Humala and Lima mayor Luis Castañeda today on a tour through South America.

Clinton is touring the region to monitor projects launched by the Clinton Foundation. In Peru, the foundation implemented the Chakipi Acceso program which gives rural women sales training for foods, health and personal care items, pharmaceuticals and solar-powered lamps.

In the morning Clinton met with Castañeda to tour the South Patio of Lima’s Metropolitano bus rapid transit system (BRT). The South Patio is a maintenance station used to fuel and clean the articulated buses which make up the world’s first BRT system to run on natural gas.

“These buses transport 700,000 people per day and avoid emitting 200,000 tons of polluting gases,” Clinton said.

Clinton and Castañeda signed an agreement for the city of Lima to work with the Clinton Foundation in reducing carbon emissions and slowing climate change.

Clinton then met with Humala at the Government Palace to discuss progress on the Clinton Foundation’s programs in Peru. International investors Carlos Slim and Frank Giustra as well as Peru’s foreign minister Ana Maria Sanchez also attended the meeting.

Clinton last visited Peru in 2013 to sign an agreement allowing women in the Chakipi Acceso program to sell directly to hotels throughout the country.


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