Bus falls 2,300 feet into Ancash ravine, killing 15

By July 2, 2015

A passenger bus fell into a ravine from a rural highway in Ancash, killing 15 passengers and injuring at least 20.

In the early hours of yesterday morning, a passenger bus which left Lima for Huanuco was traveling through the Bolognesi province of Ancash state. Peru’s transit authority says the driver was speeding around a bend and lost control of the vehicle before it ran off the road and fell 2,300 feet into a ravine.

“A bad maneuver caused this accident. We have learned that police officer Jose Luis Sanchez was killed and four other officers injured. They were evacuated to the Victor Ramos Guardia hospital in Huaraz,” said Chimbote police chief Juan Meyer.

At least 20 seriously injured passengers were transported to hospitals in Huaraz and Bolognesi.


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