Corrupt police gangs arrested throughout Peru

By December 22, 2015

Police have arrested over a dozen corrupt officers who worked with drug trafficking and extortion gangs in Tacna and Trujillo.

Prosecutors and special police raided neighborhoods throughout Peru’s southern city of Tacna yesterday, arresting 14 alleged drug traffickers as well as 10 police officers including one lieutenant. The police are accused of selling impounded drugs, warning drug traffickers of pending raids as well as stealing gasoline.

The raids in Tacna come one week after similar raids in Peru’s northern city of Trujillo arrested four police officers who formed part of the “Los Malditos de Chicago” gang. The Trujillo officers are accused of providing information and protecting the gang accused of drug trafficking, extortion and murder-for-hire.

“In a clear sign of the struggle against corruption or acts outside the law,” La Libertad police chief Cesar Gentille told Andina, “this police operation has resulted in the capture of three police officers who will be investigated for their alleged involvement with this criminal organization.”

The arrest of corrupt officers in Tacna and Trujillo follow similar arrests in Piura and Lima. Two weeks ago eight Piura police officers were arrested in the dismantling of a gang dedicated to extortion and murder.

That same week four police officers were arrested in Lima for the kidnapping and extortion of a Pucallpa businessman.


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