Keiko Fujimori leads presidential candidates: poll

By April 19, 2015

Opinion polls show Keiko Fujimori would win a presidential election in Peru if held tomorrow.

Peruvian pollster Ipsos released new data showing Fujimori would win 32% of the vote in a first round and beat all the other candidates in a runoff vote. Trailing Fujimori were Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (14%), Alan Garcia (11%), Alejandro Toledo (7%), Daniel Urresti (6%), Cesar Acuña (3%) and Mauricio Diez Canseco (2%). According to the poll, Kuczynski would come closest in a runoff with a differential of 11 points. Fujimori also leads the field in approval ratings with 42%, followed by Kuczynski with 40%.

President Ollanta Humala’s approval saw a rise to 27% from a low of 22% in February. Approval of first lady Nadine Heredia, who was considered a strong candidate to follow her husband’s term but has since been plagued by accusations of corruption, rose to 24% from 18%.

Humala’s gains in March were attributed to perceptions that he is improving education, while this month the gains may be attributed to the historic censure of prime minister Ana Jara. Disapproval ratings of congress reached 82%. A clear majority of Peruvians support Pedro Cateriano as prime minister ahead of a confidence vote on Humala’s cabinet nominations. Only 17% supported a no-confidence vote and 20% had no opinion, while 63% support confirmation.

As 2016 presidential elections draw near, Alan Garcia made a veiled attack on Fujimori. In an interview with La Republica, he referred to the government under former President Alberto Fujimori, Keiko Fujimori’s father, as a “terrorist state.” After Alberto Fujimori dissolved congress in 1992, he sent the military to raid Garcia’s house, prompting him to seek exile in Colombia until Fujimori left office. Garcia said he feared for his life more than any other time.


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