Lima bridge collapses, injuring 10 construction workers

By August 31, 2016

A pedestrian bridge in Callao just west of downtown Lima collapsed into the Rimac river on Sunday morning, leaving 10 people injured.

The bridge in Callao’s Carmen de la Legua Reynoso district near the intersection of Faucett and Morales Duarez avenues was erected temporarily so workers for the Edelnor electricity company could connect the shantytown on the riverbank.

Edelnor contracted CAM, a Graña y Montero subsidiary, to build the 200-foot bridge to the 200 Millas shantytown.  Edelnor said in a statement that it was performing work required for the construction of the second line of the Lima Metro.

The bridge was built on Saturday and collapsed on Sunday as construction workers painted the bridge and performed cleanup work. All of the people injured were employees of CAM or a subcontractor hired by the company. None of the workers were seriously injured, according to the company.

Peru’s labor department issued a statement saying it was investigating the cause of the accident.

The 200 Millas shantytown was the site of a large fire in 2013 which destroyed at least 300 homes.


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