Marca Peru launches #MasPeruanoQue ad campaign

By April 28, 2015

Peru’s tourism board Marca Peru has launched a new ad campaign titled “MasPeruanoQue,” or “more Peruvian than.”

International commerce and tourism minister Magali Silva says the ads are aimed at the domestic tourism market and aim to reinforce the highlights of Peruvian culture.

“Marca Peru tries to connect every Peruvian with our country and rekindle the pride in our culture, gastronomy, step horse and music,” said Silva. “This campaign will also spread on social media via the hashtag #MasPeruanoQue in what is hoped will become a trend.”

Marca Peru released three new promotional videos. Each ad focuses on a foreigner who has embraced Peruvian culture to such an extent that they are a relative expert. The first highlights an established attraction for Peru, its gastronomy. The ad features a Puerto Rican man in Washington DC who sells typical Peruvian dishes from a food truck.

The other two ads incorporate elements of Peruvian culture rarely promoted before. One highlights a Panamanian woman whose passion is the Peruvian Paso horse, whose distinct way of walking creates a smooth experience for the rider. The last ad features Frenchman Olivier Conan, frontman of the Chicha Libre band, as a champion for Peruvian music.

See each spot below.


Lanzan campaña nacional de Marca Perú: #Masperuanoque (Andina)