More than 70% of Peruvians agree with decision to detain Keiko Fujimori, per poll

By October 13, 2018

Nearly three-quarters of Peruvians feel that the preliminary detention of Popular Force party leader and two-time presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori was justified, according to an Ipsos poll published by El Comercio on Friday.

Only 21 percent of participants in the polling said they felt her 10-day pretrial detention that began Wednesday was unfair. Seventy-five percent of voters said that they believe Fujimori is guilty of the allegations that led to the detention order, in which prosecutors charge the lawmaker with accepting bribe money from tainted Brazilian firm Odebrecht during her 2011 presidential campaign.

Father Alberto Fujimori, who was also set to be taken back to prison per a recent ruling that annulled his pardon, spoke out on the arrest Saturday morning for the first time. According to state-owned news agency Andina, the elder Fujimori called it the lowest moment of his life.

“I thought that I couldn’t feel more pain, but I was wrong,” the ex-president said. “I’ve never felt more pain in my life than seeing my daughter being detained and taken to prison.”

The 80-year-old Fujimori is currently in the hospital but will be made to resume what is left of his 25-year-sentence for widespread human rights abuses committed in the period of war with leftist groups.

He noted that his daughter has always been willing to collaborate with the authorities and he said he’s confident she will prove her innocence to the Peruvian people.

“Those responsible need to continue with the investigations, but respect the assumption of innocence,” Fujimori said. “I only ask for due process.”