New educational models inspire while educating young people in Latin America

By January 8, 2018

We often hear that we have to believe in youth, that young people are the present and not the future, but have you given thought about how one can make young people the key factor in global change?

Diego Ontaneda has a very clear idea. This young Peruvian was given the task of inviting outstanding young people around Latin America and making them connect with a high-quality educational model framed around leadership and based on the talents of the individuals,  not in their purchasing power when it comes to accessing higher education.

Diego created the Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA), and has been developing pilot projects in Latin America that validate his educational model and the needs of those who enter the program. Today he told us a little bit about one of them, the Colombia Leadership Bootcamp, held in Selina Medellín , and some of the participants told us a little about their experiences too.

This article was originally published on Soy Emprenedor by Daniel Escobar and has been translated by Arjun Harindranath.