Peru holds ethnic diversity conference for children

By September 21, 2015

Today Peru’s education ministry completed the Tinkuy convention of children representing various ethnic communities throughout the country.

Named for the Quechua word for “meeting,” the fourth annual conference brought 148 indigenous and Afro-Peruvian children from every corner of Peru to Lima. A social inclusion initiative of President Ollanta Humala, the event was designed to promote cultural exchange and understanding.

“Our children have to learn to like what they are and value their culture and language,” said first lady Nadine Heredia on her Facebook page. “To respect and value their forms of communication strengthens their identity and self-esteem.”

The 148 children were part of 32 delegations from communities which speak 15 languages including Ashaninka, Aymara, Shipibo, Yine as well as six distinct dialects of Quechua. A teacher and mother accompanied each community’s delegation.

The children participated in art workshops and team-building exercises from Sept. 13 to Sept. 21. The students visited the Government Palace, the House of Literature, the El Comercio headquarters, the Magic Water Circuit and various local schools including Colegio Alfonso Ugarte and Markham College.

Today the event culminated in a presentation in Lima’s Campo de Marte park. The theme of this year’s event was the environment.

Watch a promotional video from Peru’s education ministry below.


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