Peru holds national e-commerce promotion

By July 16, 2015

Lima’s chamber of commerce sponsored the third annual Cyber Peru Day promotion this week in an effort to boost e-commerce in Peru.

The organization held the two-day promotion on July 15 and July 16 at its own event web portal, The site featured discounts of at least 30% from over 30 companies in retail, travel, clothing, technology and more.

Coupon companies similar to Groupon in the United States offered deals from restaurants, movie theaters and other entertainment companies to further boost the scope of products and services available in the promotion.

“Cyber Peru Day 2015 promises great expectations among the national public for its ease of payment that promotes development of e-commerce through a secure platform that inspires trust with users,” said Jaime Montenegro, director of the Lima chamber of commerce.

Montenegro expected 350,000 Peruvians would visit the website during the promotion and spend $11 million, a 40% increase from Cyber Peru Day 2014.

Visa estimates e-commerce in Peru reached $1.7 billion in 2013, an underrepresented percentage of greater Latin America’s $46.4 billion. Visa forecasts e-commerce growth of 8.2% per year in Peru through 2018, compared with 13% in the region.

According to Visa’s Latin America e-Readiness Report which gauges countries’ e-commerce development, Peru ranks sixth in the region behind Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Colombia. Peru was ranked as more “e-ready” than Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Peru ranked below greater Latin America in every criteria used to develop the index. The greatest discrepancies showing the areas in which Peru needs the most improvement were monetary connectivity, a measure of consumer purchasing power and access to financial products like credit cards and PayPal, and e-commerce presence, which measures local retailers’ strength online.

The criteria which Peru came closest to greater Latin America was on-the-ground logistics, which measures the ability of online sellers to ship goods.

Almost 90% of e-commerce in Peru goes to travel and tourism websites. Over 60% of Peruvian consumers rarely or never shop online.

Companies participating in Cyber Day Peru 2015 included Avianca, LAN, Despegar, Saga Falabella, Ripley, Wong, HP, Philips, Cuponidad and more.


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