Peru inaugurates the future of gaming with new eSports center 

By December 4, 2023

Lima, Peru — The Peruvian Association of Electronic Sports and Video Games (APDEV) has inaugurated “In-Game,” an innovative new center of excellence dedicated to eSports and video games, an industry that continues to grow in the country.

The center aims to discover promising eSports talent and support professional players from Peru in disciplines such as Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Counter-Strike, among others.

Located in the La Molina district of Lima, In-Game boasts 80 state-of-the-art computers and current-generation consoles such as PlayStation 5. Additionally, various specialists, including coaches, psychologists, and others, provide support to gamers.

In an interview with Peru Reports, Francis Puppi, the Player Community Manager at APDEV, stated that this new venue “marks a significant milestone for the development of electronic sports in Peru.”

“This high-performance center not only represents cutting-edge technological advancement but also becomes a hub for growth and excellence in the world of eSports,” he said.

According to Puppi, each space within In-Game has been “specially designed,” creating an environment conducive to high-level training, allowing Peruvian athletes to compete on par with the best in the world.

“The opening reflects our inclusive vision, where both professionals and enthusiasts of all levels can converge to improve their skills and contribute to the flourishing of eSports in Peru,” he added.

According to data collected by APDEV in 2023, more than 35% of Peruvians playing eSports do so because they see real business opportunities. Over 28% play eSports with the desire to professionalize, while 7.1% do it due to their interest in creating content related to e-Games.

Currently, eSports tournaments are gaining greater relevance in the global sports landscape, with Peru’s significant participation in prominent and widely followed world championships, such as Pokémon Unite. In early November, both the male and female Peruvian teams secured first place in the Pan American eSports 2023.

Puppi explains that In-Game will not only raise the standard of eSports in Peru as a “key strategic partner for professional teams and players” but will also contribute significantly to talent development and the sustainable growth of the industry.

“We are excited about the positive impact this high-performance center will have on our eSports community and look forward to seeing the next generation of stars flourish in this exciting field,” he said.

According to Puppi, APDEV offers training programs for all levels, from those taking their first steps to established professionals. “Each program is different and adapts to the needs of each particular case; prices vary based on the intensity of training,” he explained.

How was In-Game achieved, and what is the next step?

According to APDEV, the creation of In-Game happened thanks to private capital investment that ensures long-term management. Puppi explains that the sustainability model is based on various pillars, including revenue from services and training programs, strategic partnerships and sponsorships with various brands, events and tournaments at their facilities, public access, and memberships.

Puppi adds that APDEV plans to expand In-Game beyond Lima, bringing high-performance facilities to other cities in the country. “This strategic expansion not only increases the reach of In-Game but also diversifies revenue sources,” he said.

Professional players test In-Game teams in the pre-opening on September 28, 2023. Image courtesy of APDEV

Other plans APDEV has been implementing include forming alliances with several universities to develop programs that integrate eSports with university life. “These programs not only offer training and development opportunities for interested students, as our vision is to foster a synergistic connection between education and eSports to prepare the next generation of professionals in this field,” explained Puppi.

“We are open to working with all companies that want to join the eSports industry. Collaborations can include sponsorships, joint events, etc. We firmly believe that collaboration with companies will open new doors for growth and expansion of the industry in Peru,” he added.

In Peru, almost 60% of the digitally connected population already identifies as gamers, totaling 11 million players as of 2020.

In its “Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019-2023” report, PwC predicted that Peru’s video game market would increase by 20% annually, generating US$147 million by 2023. Region-wide, the consulting firm said the video games market in Latin America would grow by 10% annually, reaching US$3.59 billion by 2023.

Game developers are also popping up around the region. In Peru, boutique studio Hermanos Magia worked on a game with LEAP Game Studios, Arrog, that won the Best Art category at  Valencia Indie Summit 2020. A year later, a team of Peruvian developers won a US State department competition for cultural heritage games for their work, “Purunmachu.” In Colombia, NPCx, a group of AI developers, are using the technology to make non-player characters (NPCs), more humanlike.