Peru sees record number of Venezuelan entries in single day

By August 15, 2018

More than 5,000 Venezuelans entered into Peru on Saturday, the single highest one-day mark since Venezuela’s dramatic economic crisis began. According to a report from the AFP, the thousands of migrants entered from neighboring Ecuador as the dire situation in Venezuela continues to worsen.

The previous mark was 3,700 Venezuelan migrants in a single day. This week has seen about 20,000 Venezuelans looking for better opportunities come thru the border town of Tumbes that borders Ecuador.

Venezuelans who come to Peru have been receiving a Temporary Permission of Permanence (PTP), which grants them a year-long work permit as long as they don’t have a prior criminal record. More than half have advanced degrees, according to the Peruvian government.

Per numbers from Peru’s Immigration Office, there are some 368,000 Venezuelans that have migrated to Peru since their native country’s economic crisis came to be.

Neighboring Ecuador has declared a state of emergency in response to the rising amounts of Venezuelans that have migrated to the country. Most of them, however, keep on the move towards Peru or Chile.

Venezuelan immigrants have often confronted harsh xenophobia and stereotypes against them in Peru. Women, in particular, have faced constant street harassment and negative stereotypes related to prostitution as they have tried to find jobs and improved opportunities in the country.