Electoral body accuses Peru’s state daily of publishing vulgar logo

By March 2, 2016

Peru’s electoral supervisory, ONPE, has accused state newspaper El Peruano of intentionally publishing a vulgar rendition of its official logo.

El Peruano published a supplementary edition on Wednesday listing the official agents working the polls throughout the country for 2016 elections on April 10. Superimposed above the ONPE resolution was not the official logo depicting a hand dropping a ballot into a ballot box. The ballot was modified to resemble an index finger and the ballot box a rear end.

The modified logo was originally designed by Lima artist Alvaro Portales in 2000 to protest the ONPE’s decision to allow former President Alberto Fujimori run for a third consecutive term.

“The publishing of this image, which we consider deliberate, is a serious offense to the constitutionally autonomous organization responsible for electoral processes,” the ONPE said in a statement. “We demand a thorough investigation from El Peruano into this act and, in addition, we demand those responsible be identified and punished.”

The JNE electoral board, which forms part of ONPE, has been the subject of criticism over its handling of the campaigns of Julio Guzman and Cesar Acuña.

In the case of Guzman, most observers did not want to see a popular candidate barred from the election over a technicality. Meanwhile, the JNE and its special elections tribunal, JEE, has been criticized for not ruling on Acuña’s submitting false information on his candidacy inscription and vote-buying allegations, each of which could disqualify him from the election.

“ONPE reserves the right to take legal and ethical actions before the courts and the Peruvian Press Council’s board of ethics,” the ONPE statement warns.

El Peruano issued a public apology the same day as the special edition went out. The newspaper cited its “grave error” and promised an investigation as well as a new supplemental edition to be published tomorrow with the correct logo.

The ONPE had not responded to El Peruano’s apology or discarded the possibility of legal action at the time of publish. Story is currently developing.


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