Peruvian business leader, public good highlighted at Horasis Global Meeting

By October 23, 2023

For many in Peru, the country’s political crisis and unrest are tearing at the core of the nation.

Since early December, Peru’s former President Pedro Castillo has been in prison, with this following seven of the country’s Heads of State in recent memory who have been either placed in prison or investigated. And yet the challenges of corruption go beyond just the highest levels.

The topic of this public good, among others, was discussed yesterday at Horasis Global, held in Gaziantep, Türkiye and an event that was host to a number of leaders in Latin America.

Developments in Türkiye include examples – transitioning to clean fuels, exporting electricity, de-desertification, developing resilient and smart cities and raising education levels.  Most of us agree these are good ideas, as helping others also helps us.

But how to demonstrate this in practice? How to convey good ideas to other cultures?  Why do we resist beneficial changes?

The session at Horasis included Mattias Bergstrom, Founder and Chairman, Internet of Everything Corp; Mavis Yaa Bermudez, Chief Executive Officer, Cardinal Security Services; Luis Gomez Cobo, Founder and Director, SLC Holdings; Angela Kallhoff, Chair of Ethics, University of Vienna; Olivier Nkengurutse, Co-Founder, In-for Refugee Advocacy; and Tanyer Sönmezer, Senior Partner, Management Centre Türkiye.

The session was Chaired by Pedro David Espinoza, Chief Executive Officer of Pan Peru USA.

Pan Peru USA was founded in 2018 to empower women from Pampas Grande, 12,600 feet above sea level, to become entrepreneurs. Today women there are using their knitting and crochet skills to start a business of their own, selling their 100% handmade Alpaca apparel in the global market, with all sales proceeds go directly to the women.

According to The Voice of America, Pedro is The Robin Hood of Technology.