PHOTOS: Peruvian smugglers use Pablo Escobar and Chapo on cocaine packages

By June 6, 2018


Last week police confiscated 114 kilograms of cocaine from a truck that investigators said were being transported to Bolivia.

When police first approached the car in San Martín de Pangoa, a subject on a motorcycle opened fire on them, per a report from the Interior Ministry. Though no police were killed in the attack, the assailant was able to ditch his moto and escape into the darkness.

Inside the truck, police found a black sack with what proved to be cocaine inside of it. They also found several more bags that had been dropped a few meters away from the vehicle, which also contained drugs. In all, within these sacks were 176 packets with 114 kilograms total. The drugs were inscribed in the packets with the letters AMG and a Pegasus symbol. On the exterior, there were pictures, including images of notorious drug lords Pablo Escobar and Chapo Guzmán.

Police said the smugglers were using hidden runways in the country to transport the drugs to Bolivia and Brazil, and eventually have them transported towards European markets.

Photos from the May 30th bust are below: