Popular music group involved in fatal car accident in Peru

By January 4, 2016

Peruvian cumbia group Corazon Serrano was involved in a car accident which left seven people dead on Sunday night.

The group’s tour bus was traveling through the Chancay district of Huaral province north of Lima when it hit a taxi, dragging the station wagon for over 65 feet.

Three adults and four children who were riding in the taxi were killed by the impact and resulting trauma. At the time of publish, a seven-year-old child is the only survivor from the station wagon. The passengers of the tour bus were unharmed.

“I am very sorry even though it was not my fault, I am still very sorry for it all,” Erwin Guevara told RPP. “The car cut me off, he turned in unexpectedly.”

Police are working to determine the cause of the accident. The driver of the band’s tour bus tested negative for alcohol.

Corazon Serrano has offered to cover the medical expenses of those who died in the accident.


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