Puno’s Coffee Week to celebrate Peru’s best brews

By July 17, 2018


Some decorated coffees will be on display at Peru’s Coffee Week in Puno next week, including the newly crowned “Best Coffee in the World.” The fair will kick off next Thursday and conclude on Friday at the Manuel Pino Park in Puno, which has become world-renowned for its coffee-growing capabilities.

More than 50 producers from the region will have stands highlighting and selling their products. On top of the coffee, there will also be locally made chocolate, fruits, wines, jellies, and other products for festival-goers to sample.

One of those in attendance will be award-winning coffeemaker Vicentina Phocco Palero from the Sandia province of Puno, whose product won “Best Quality Coffee” prize at the Global Specialty Coffee Expo Seattle, Washington a few months ago. She works alongside the Túpac Amaru co-op in southern Peru.

There will also be professional baristas so that visitors will be able to fully take advantage of coffee tasting

Juan Luna Linares, area leader of the Devida region in Puno, told Andina news agency that this is a good opportunity for connections to be made between local tourism providers with other business sectors from across the country coming into Puno for the fair.

“It’s important to generate meeting spaces between the producers and businesspeople that allow flow of commercial activity on regional and national levels,” he told Andina.

The all-organic products on display will be coming primarily from the Sandia and Carabaya provinces of Puno where the valleys of Tambopata, Inambari, San Gabán and Esquilaya are important agricultural sectors.