Sportsbook platform eyes Peru as its next market

By June 26, 2018


Sportsbook platform BtoBet has made contractual agreements to begin an expansion into Peru on the heels of the successful Peru Gaming Show, according to a report from European Gaming. After attending the gaming show earlier this year, the influential sportsbook provider wants to position itself in what company heads see as the next frontier for sports betting in the South American marketplace.

As Peru Reports has previously noted, licenses for such online parlors are popping up as industry leaders may have Peru following the same path as Colombia. “Everything points to Peru being the next to fall in line with its neighboring (Colombia), as it already had nine online sports books receive licenses and is going for more,” the site Gaming Intelligence wrote in March. Experts have said that Peru’s excellent business climate and advanced technology make it the perfect headquarters for such sportsbooks.

BtoBet is not a sportsbook itself, rather it provides licensed operators with technology and information that drive those businesses. The platform acts as a support system for the sportsbooks that predicts the market and helps with customer service capabilities.

“Together with some leading operators, we are setting the basis to enter the market once the opportunity arises,” BtoBet chairman Alessandro Fried told European Gaming. “Peru Gaming Show has been the ideal setting for us to meet and strengthen ties with prospective operators keen on venturing into the Peruvian market using us as their technical partners.”

Currently, Peruvian gaming officials are still trying to push for full regulation on the industry to encourage competition and protect consumers. In 2017 alone, nearly $350 million worth of sports wagers were made in Peru and that number is expected to explode during this year with Peru in its first World Cup since 1982.