Tourist struck by lightning at Machu Picchu in Peru

By October 25, 2016

A Spanish tourist and a Peruvian national were struck by lightning while visiting the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu in Cusco on Monday.

Spanish citizen Maria Mendez and her Peruvian guide, Zuli Salas, were struck by lightning during a light rain in the Three Windows area of the famous Inca retreat which is Peru’s top tourist attraction.

Mendez was thrown into a wall with such force that she lost two teeth. Salas was launched 16 feet, resulting in bruises on her arms and feet. Both women were immediately treated in Cusco hospitals and subsequently released.

A Russian tourist was killed by lightning while visiting Machu Picchu in October 2004. While the heaviest rainy season for Machu Picchu takes place in January and February, light rains begin in October.

The accident comes four days after American actress Demi Moore visited Machu Picchu after attending a fundraiser held by celebrity photographer Mario Testino.

Last June a German tourist fell to his death as he posed for a picture while leaning over the edge of the Machu Picchu peak.


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