Unemployment in Lima reaches highest rate in seven years

By April 19, 2018


Finding available jobs in Peru’s capital continues to be a tricky matter, as 8.1 percent of people in Lima are currently without employment per the latest figures from the country’s National Statistics Institute (INEI).

This is the highest rate of unemployment registered in the city since March of 2012 as there are 420,900 people in the metropolitan area without jobs, according to the INEI’s report.

Even though tens of thousands of women gained employment in Lima, their unemployment rates are still significantly higher than men in the capital area as 52 percent of unemployed people actively looking for jobs in Lima are women.

However, things aren’t all bad throughout Peru as the entire nation’s employment rate actually rose by 2.6 percent from December of 2017 to February 2018, according to the INEI’s latest numbers. A lot of these new jobs came from the coast, as more than 300,000 jobs were created along Peru’s long coastline.

Construction jobs throughout Peru grew by a sizeable 3 percent and the average monthly income for manufacturing jobs saw a 4.5 percent increase.

The rate of unemployment throughout all of Peru is a manageable 5 percent, INEI numbers show.

Despite the unfortunate growth in unemployment in Lima, other South American capitals like Buenos Aires, Bogotá, and Santiago are actually worse off in terms of jobless residents.