Vizcarra’s approval rating rises to 65%

By November 17, 2018

Peruvian President Martín Vizarra’s approval rating continues to rise. According to the latest Ipsos poll, Vizcarra’s approval rating is now at 65 percent.

That marks a four-point rise from last month’s approval rating as Vizcarra has turned around his perception in the eyes of the public with his harsh stance against corruption. Developing stories of investigations and charges against the corrupt magistrates and the arrest of Popular Force party leader Keiko Fujimori have only helped with Vizcarra’s popularity.

It is in the central region of Peru where Vizcarra owes most of his rise in popularity to, as he boasts an 84 percent approval rating there.

This is the first time in recent history that a president has maintained this level of popularity for this long into his tenure. According to El Comercio, the eighth month of a presidency for those who preceded Vizcarra saw large dips in approval, as only Ollanta Humala’s 53 percent rating comes close to where Vizcarra now finds himself.

An upcoming referendum where people will be able to vote on potential reforms to combat political corruption is another reason Vizcarra has been looked at so fondly in recent months.

“The President has identified the peoples’ indignation when it comes to corruption within the political class and he’s found a form to channel that indignation: the referendum,” Ipsos President Alfredo Torres told El Comercio. “Citizens feel that he’s authentic in his work and in his statements.”