Volcano eruption spews ashes 13,000 feet in southern Peru

By September 29, 2015

The Ubinas volcano in southern Peru erupted yesterday, sending ashes over two miles into the air.

The volcano located in Peru’s southern state of Moquegua erupted twice yesterday afternoon, sending ashes 13,000 feet above the crater of the volcano. The second eruption which lasted 32 seconds caused tremors in the region due to the constant emission of ashes.

Ashes fell and tremors could be felt as far away as the southern villages of neighboring Arequipa state.

Peru’s volcano observatory (OVS) warned of a possible eruption after the accumulation of internal pressure inside Ubinas in the last week.

The Ubinas volcano was dormant for years until September 2013, since which it has been increasingly active. Yesterday’s eruption was the largest since 2006.


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