Belief in the Future, Investing In Tomorrow: Mike Hoey thinks Latin America’s top talent is its techies 

By January 10, 2022

Latin America is a young region on the move. In Colombia for instance, the average person is just over the age of 30, and the government has just passed a series of regulations to make doing business even easier than ever. Each year, as a new wave of entrepreneur earns their education and seeks out work in the burgeoning high-tech cities, the rapid and ongoing digitization deepens. 

As such, companies in Latin America that specialize in helping ​​clients expand their services by unlocking the insights provided by Big Data are experiencing a period of steady growth—especially those who serve the healthcare field. With the cost of analytics and data services on the rise year on year due to the overnight digitalization of nearly every industry, companies who can bridge the divide between the North American and LatAm markets stand to profit if they can offer up cutting edge analytical insight.

Source Meridian is one such company. Founded by Michael Hoey, a serial entrepreneur, health tech veteran, and former high-tech consultant with Accenture, Source Meridian works by providing eager Colombian software engineers and data scientists a platform to solve complex data-driven problems. Hoey’s vision has created a team of cutting-edge technologists eager to create and maintain a competitive advantage for their clients in the healthcare industry.

The sudden urgency with which COVID-19 dually affected the demand for big data solutions and premium healthcare services provided the team at Source Meridian an opportunity to solve complex problems and flex their analytical muscles. It was in the early-Covid era that Source Meridian worked in alliance with technology adopters in the Healthcare sector around issues such as traceability and customer service while helping traditional organizations digitally transform. 

It became clear that companies averse to change, or certain in their abilities to avoid disruption, are the sort that ended up failing during the first few months of the pandemic, but those who sought to adopt a digital-first strategy not only pulled through the toughest times but are again thriving. 

Michael Hoey is also the founder of Ipsum Clinical, a health tech company based in Medellin, Colombia, that works with biopharmaceutical companies to optimize their processes using data and analytics. Hoey was recently appointed as an advisory member of the newspaper The Bogotá Post, the largest English-language newspaper in Colombia. He believes firmly in Colombia’s world-class technological talent.